Art Packets / Bundles

Build Your Own Bundle!

Perfect for party favors, camps, classrooms, celebrations, playdates, resorts, hospitals, and more! The Art Box Academy is here to assist families & organizations with fully prepared, portioned, packaged and delivered Art Lesson Packets for students and campers ages 4-12 years old.

What is an Art Lesson Packet?

An Art Lesson Packet is an individual portioned art lesson inspired by the Great Master Artists and Architects, that emphasizes hands-on learning, sharpens critical thinking, strengthens fine-motor skills, and helps the imagination to soar!

Start building your bundle with any 3 Packets
and get ready to have some fun!

Cost: $20 per packet
Minimum Order: 3

Summer Seashell
Beach Frame

What is an Architect?
inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

My Blueprint Lesson

Modern Architecture Inspired by Frank Gehry

My Sunflowers Influenced by Vincent Van Gogh

Beachside Cliff Walk Influenced by Claude Monet

Modern Art Inspired by Piet Mondrian

Pointillism Inspired by George Seurat

My 3-D Soup Can Inspired by Andy Warhol

Modern Art Cut-Outs Inspired by Henri Matisse

• All Supplies are Included
• Prepared Educational Curriculum
• Portioned
• Safely Packed for Individual Learners
• Ready To Go!
• Delivered!
• Fun!

Why are Art Lesson Packets Important?

Research has shown that 3-dimentional hands-on learning plays a critical role in healthy early childhood development. As many children have been involved in intense virtual learning platforms, The Art Box Academy has evolved to become a leading solution ensuring those hands-on Life Essential Skills are developed and strengthened.

How Do I Use the Art Lesson Packets?

• Create your own awesome “Art Class” any time!
• Pull out a packet, and you are ready to go!
• Packs can be for individuals, families, play dates, summer camps, the school day, after school, added on to an activity and used for cross-curriculum lessons and more.
• Daily! Yes! Weekly? Yes and yes!

Who Can Use, Present, and Purchase Art Lesson Packets?

• Individuals
• Families
• Camps
• School Districts
• Private and Public Schools
• Charter Schools
• Home School Academies
• Classrooms
• Teachers
• Pods
• Room Parents
• PTA’s
• Girl Scouts / Boy Scout Troops
• Resorts
• Assisted Living Facilities