Art Lesson Packets & Bundles

Build Your Own Bundle!

Perfect for party favors, camps, classrooms, celebrations, playdates, resorts, hospitals, and more! The Art Box Academy is here to assist families & organizations with fully prepared, portioned, packaged and delivered Art Lesson Packets for students and campers ages 4-12 years old.

What is an Art Lesson Packet?

An Art Lesson Packet is an individual portioned art lesson inspired by the Great Master Artists and Architects, that emphasizes hands-on learning, sharpens critical thinking, strengthens fine-motor skills, and helps the imagination to soar!


Contemporary Architecture


20th Century Architecture


Blueprint Design Project


Pop Art & Modern Art

Modern Art Collage


Modern Art Painting & Design


Pop Art 3D Design


Impressionism and Pointillism

In the Garden with the Impressionists


Seaside with the Impressionists


Pointillism Project


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• All Supplies are Included
• Prepared Educational Curriculum
• Portioned
• Safely Packed for Individual Learners
• Ready To Go!
• Delivered!
• Fun!

Why are Art Lesson Packets Important?

Research has shown that 3-dimentional hands-on learning plays a critical role in healthy early childhood development. As many children have been involved in intense virtual learning platforms, The Art Box Academy has evolved to become a leading solution ensuring those hands-on Life Essential Skills are developed and strengthened.

How Do I Use the Art Lesson Packets?

• Create your own awesome “Art Class” any time!
• Pull out a packet, and you are ready to go!
• Packs can be for individuals, families, play dates, summer camps, the school day, after school, added on to an activity and used for cross-curriculum lessons and more.
• Daily! Yes! Weekly? Yes and yes!

Who Can Use, Present, and Purchase Art Lesson Packets?

• Individuals
• Families
• Camps
• School Districts
• Private and Public Schools
• Charter Schools
• Home School Academies
• Classrooms
• Teachers
• Pods
• Room Parents
• PTA’s
• Girl Scouts / Boy Scout Troops
• Resorts
• Assisted Living Facilities