Art Lesson Bundles

What's An Art Lesson Bundle?

Our Art Lesson Bundles are created as a 3-month subscription series featuring our Great Master Artist and Architecture lessons, arriving once a month for three months.

Tile Architecture and Modern Art Bundle

3-D Pop Art, Collage and Paint Bundle

Modern Architecture and Paint Bundle

From Andy Warhol’s Soup Can Project to Gaudi’s Tile Mosaic lesson, our curated art lessons include all supplies and kid-friendly instructions, guidance, and techniques.

Perfect for individualized creative learning, small groups, classrooms, schools, camps, birthday parties and gifts.

For children ages 4-12

Learning + Fun

$134.95 for the entire three month Series.

Our Lesson Bundles can also be customized as Individual Lesson Packets for volume ordering for schools, camps, organizations, and pod learning groups!


Please contact us for details and volume pricing.