Jumbo Spring Break Art and Activity Box


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Jumbo Spring Break Art and Activity Box!
Perfect for your Art-Staycation or Pack-n-Go!

Jam packed with two great master artist and architecture lessons PLUS 10 additional activities! Hours of FUN!

From our Sailboat Project to Modeling Clay to our Sun Visor Sticker Project to Cutie Canvas Tote Bag Design.
For Ages 4-12

  • Two Great Master Artist and Architecture Lessons
  • Wooden Sailboat Project
  • Canvas Tote Bag with Fabric Markers
  • Sun Visor Sticker Activity
  • Two Magic Scratchy Boards with Wooden Sketching Tool
  • Design Your Own Puzzle Project
  • 3 Blocks of Modeling Clay
  • Watercolor Set
  • Sketchbook
  • Artists Markers

Bonus: Jumbo Bubble Wand


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