About Us

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Textile Design degree from Otis Art Institute Parsons School of Design, and attending a specialized Art History program at the University of Paris, France, our founder, Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter has had a passion for the arts since she first picked up her new pack of crayons and markers at three years old.  
In 2000, seeing a growing need present itself to give children opportunities to create and innovate, Ms. Perelmuter founded Art To Grow On Children’s Art Center, Inc.. a Los Angeles based mobile art enrichment company that works with private and public elementary schools, preschools, corporate daycare centers, camps, and pediatric hospitals. Tens of thousands of students participated in their enrichment programs beginning with their Peewee Picasso students ages 18 months through students in 6th grade. 
Ms. Perelmuter believes, “each and every child has tremendous creativity, talent, and imagination. Our job is to ensure it stays with them for their entire life.”
In spring of 2020, as many schools created new social distancing and hybrid models of learning due to the pandemic, Ms. Perelmuter pivoted the company to The Art Box Academy®, which has grown into an integral part of three-dimensional expanded learning for families with children at home offering both Art Boxes and Lesson Bundles and also for teachers who need help with prepared, packaged lessons for their students. 
“Portioned, packaged, deliverable, and educational?” Absolutely, she says. As a mother of two boys, she knows first hand how important it is to have activities on the ready without any shopping needed or preparation!
“A creative mind is essential in today’s climate”, says Perelmuter. These “muscles” can be strengthened, stretched, and enhanced to ensure a child thrives. Children are our true future.”
Art Appreciation
The Art Box Academy Team
Lauren Dennis-Perelmuter and her students at the Art Box Academy